Clare MannAs A psychologist and author, I am excited about Adam’s book. He strikes the perfect balance between educating the reader and story-tilling in a truly enlightening way. His approach to the field of psychology and self-development is grounded in solid theory in a contemporary style. A must for any therapist and client in today’s world. Great works!Clare MannPsychologist & Author of Communicate: how to say What needs to be said, In the way it needs to be said
Sharon  R. BoggsIt seems we can have our cake and eat it too! Adam’s book has shown me that I can be Driven to Succeed in my outer world whilst still knowing how to turn off and let go to be a relaxed, more content person on the inside. I’ve spent so much of my life pushing to achieve goals at the expense of so much personality, and I finally feel I have to tools to be at peace with myself.Sharon R. BoggsAuthor of Working 9 to 5 Sucks - Learn to kiss your Cubicle Goodbye!
Jemes BurgessFantastic book. Easy to read without technical jargon but nevertheless informative and full of solid concepts. I think we all could benefit from Adam’s new and realistic perspective of the egg-old “living in the moment” approach to life.Jemes BurgessManagement Consultant | Author of Chaos How Business Leaders Can Master The Art of Focus
Valerie LothamThis is a great book for anyone not quite living the life they want. Adam’s engaging warmth is easily felt as he lets us into his personal and professional experience to help us challenge what we really want out of life and learn some strategies to develop the courage to get it.Valerie LothamAuthor of Be the confident YOU
Gerry RobertAs a marketing professional working endless hours, successful yet not content with the life I had, Adam’s book new balance, giving me greater enjoyment without having to compromise my drive for achievement.Gerry RobertCEO Bestselling | Author The Millionaire Mindset
Jean Guy FrancoeurAn inspiring book that has proven to be very useful in all areas of my life, It has helped me make important decisions about my priorities and how to not let stress me. I now feel more connected to all aspects of my world. A brilliant book for people in all walks of life.Jean Guy FrancoeurAuthor of The Messy Manager

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