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Title: Is This It?


Release Date: December 2012

Pages: 200


ISBN: 978-1-927411-02-5


Develop an inner confidence and contentment to make your life and achievements more meaningful!

More About the book

Why do some people seem satisfied with their life despite their problems and disappointments, while others who seem to have everything are left longing for something better, different or more? Have you reached a level in your financial, career or personal life, but find that somehow your feelings about it fall short of your expectations? Is this it?


It doesn’t have to be. You can feel much more connected to yourself and others – and enjoy your achievements much more with less effort. This book will show you how to develop inner wealth – an authentic form of happiness that will give you more life out of life. You will uncover

  • what things are really important to you
  • what drives your motivation
  • what strategies you can use to negotiate relationships
  • what techniques can help you manage emotions and setbacks
  • what ancient secrets will help you relax
  • what can be done to cultivate a more positive mindset

These will show you how to be your best self–physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.


Over fifteen health professionals, leaders and experts have contributed to make this book a complete guide to helping you feel more in control of making conscious and confident choices for yourself, leading to a more passionate and heartfelt life with greater success – inside and out.

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